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    Happyhaves Full Moon | Instructions

    Happyhaves Full Moon | Instructions

    How the diffuser and lamp works

    The Full Moon is currently the most popular product from Happyhaves, and we are so happy that so many people from all around the world can enjoy it. To make sure everyone gets the best out of it, we made an instruction video of how it works.

    Happyhaves Full Moon

    Each Happyhaves Full Moon has three sorts of lights to set the mood of your aromatherapy experience. With the option to change light colors, the diffuser works to fit any mood.




     - A press of a button and the full moon comes to life in different colors; warm, soft white, and yellow. 

    - Long touch control brings brightness, and short touch is for color switching. It is completely portable (the lamp function runs on rechargeable batteries). The diffuser function works with the USB cable (included with your order) to run.

    Caution: When using essential oils around children, pets, or pregnant women, please make sure they are safe to use before diffusing.





    It's pretty easy how to use the Full Moon. One of our owners, Fay, demonstrated the Happyhaves Full Moon in a few simple steps. Check it out and let us know when you have any questions. We are happy to help you! 




    • Open the water tank
    • Soak the cotton swab stick into tap water
    • Add water to the water tank (do not exceed the max line, about 70-80%)
    • Add 3-5 drops of preferred essential oil (always use 100% pure)
    • Add cover and tighten to secure
    • Click on the pin button to choose your color and click the other pin button to enjoy your favorite essential oils!


    We partnered up with Louise Williams to show you how you can style the Full Moon. 


    Share how you styled your Happyhaves Full Moon on Instagram and tag @happyhaves to get featured!


    happyhaves full moono how to style


    Don't possess this beautiful Happyhaves Full Moon yet? 

    No worries, we have them still available over here.