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    Affiliate Program

    At Happyhaves we create must-haves aromatherapy products that help you live more naturally. Our goal is to improve the quality of life from our customers by offering top-quality, affordable holistic aromatherapy products. 

    It's our mission to provide the world with a new and eco-friendly wellness alternative to help people find their holistic balance. If you feel the same way we would like to invite you to our affiliate program.


    • Joining is Easy & Free!
    • Exclusive discount for your followers
    • Earn (high) commission on selected products
    • Industry-Leading Tools, Flexible Linking Arrangements and Best Practices
    • Bring people holistic balance with our products
    • Quality service and effective affiliate management



    By becoming a Happyhaves partner and linking to our products through text links, banner ads, or virtual storefronts on your site, you can earn commission that is generated from customers who buy our products through your link.

    We provide all of the banners and logos for your site. All you have to do is sign up for the program and choose the graphics that work best for your site and social media channels. You can place the links in as many places as you want. The better you position the links, the more successful the affiliate program can be for you.

    Simple and Free
    Becoming a HappyHaves partner is simple and FREE. We work with LeadDyno, a leader in affiliate marketing programs, to make it easy for you to be an affiliate. By signing up for our HappyHaves Affiliates Program on the LeadDyno, you can:
    - Manage your program
    - View reports related to activity on your site
    - Receive updates on the HappyHaves Affiliates Program through a private login on LeadDyno's network.
    LeadDyno does all the tracking and gives you up-to-date reports on the commission you've earned. Start earning more from your website today.

    So why wait? It's free to join, easy to setup, and most importantly, it works. Follow many other successful affiliate partners and become a Happyhaves partner now and start making money today with our beautiful products. 


    Become a Happyhaves Partner




    happyhaves affiliate partner program



    For any questions related to our affiliate program please feel free to contact our marketing manager Sandra (sandra@happyhaves.com).


    link not working? visit: https://happyhaves.leaddyno.com/