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    Problem Solving FAQ (Troubleshoot)

    Problems with your Happyhaves Full Moon or any other essential oil diffuser from Happyhaves? Looking for instructions, FAQ or any help? No worries, we wrote this page to help you.

    Sometimes it may seem that a diffuser is broken but most of the times it can be fixed with some simple steps. We are here to help you. If you are having problems with your diffuser, try these troubleshooting steps as shown below.

    Note that these helpful steps to troubleshoot are for our Happyhaves ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers. Please follow these troubleshoot steps before contacting us. This will safe you a lot of time as most of the problems are solved thanks to this troubleshoot page.



    The light function doesn't work correctly

    If the light function doesn't work you it's most likely that the Full Moon is out of battery. Please kindly charge it for an hour. If this doesn't work try to connect it with another charger in a different socket. 

    The diffuser function doesn't work correctly

    1) In the beginning - When you first use the Happyhaves Full Moon please make sure you take out the cotton swab filter and soak it into water until it's completely wet. Note: take care of the little wire spring when taking out the cotton swab filter. Next, p
    ut it back to the transparent tube and install it carefully.

    2) After using some time - One of the most common reasons for the diffuser not working correctly after some time is that the cotton swab filter is full of essential oil which can eventually block the Full Moon of working properly. Simply take out the cotton swab filter and soak it into water to clean it. Still not working after using the same cotton swab filter? Replace the cotton swab filter with a new one. Also, clean the inside of the top (lid) of the Full Moon with some tissues. Afterwards make sure you plug the cord deeply into the Full Moon and try again. 

    Pay attention:
    - Only use tap water (n
    o purified water)
    - Do not roll the Full Moon, otherwise, water can get into the lid (top of the moon).
    - Please use high-quality USB charger (original phone charger works best). 
    - Use 2-3 drops of essential oils 
    - Carefully wipe the atomizing plate with hygienic towel or tissues once it's not working correctly
    - Change the cotton swab filter once a month


    My diffuser does not work at all:

    • Check that there is water in the bowl and that the water level is correct (about 80%). 
    • Check that the power adapter is securely plugged into the wall socket. For the cable that works with USB (like the Happyhaves Full Moon) please try to use different adapters on different wall sockets (or even a pc or laptop) to plug in your USB cable to see if this works.
    • Check that the other end of the power supply is securely plugged into the diffuser. Sometimes you have to stick it in a bit harder to make sure it's connected.
    • Test the power source or try an alternate power source to ensure that there is adequate power being supplied to the diffuser.
    • Make sure you are using only tap water or spring water. Do not use distilled water as this affects the diffusion.
    • Unplug, refill if necessary, reconnect and turn the diffuser on again.


    Diffusion is very weak and or lower than usual:

    • Clean your diffuser and run it through a cleaning cycle. Click here to read our cleaning blog. 
    • The diffuser function of the Happyhaves Full Moon can work with and without cable. If you would like to use it without cable please make sure it is connected to the charger. 
    • Check to see if the water level sensor is clean and unobstructed.
    • If all is good, keep it unplugged for a few minutes, refill, and restart the diffuser.
    • Check that the air intake is not clogged by dust, hair or restricted or obstructed in any way.
    Still not working? 

    People often get water inside the diffuser through overfilling, bumping or moving the diffuser around while full. If water or essential oil enters the diffuser it will quit working. If this happens, you should unplug and clean the unit and remove any water and let it sit for a day or two to "dry out". Water may evaporate in a matter of hours, but essential oils take more time. After it has had time to dry, refill and try it again. The moisture will evaporate and the diffuser should work once again.

    No solution?

    • See our article on cleaning a diffuser.
    • If it still will not work after following our tips, and you purchased your diffuser from us, then contact us at vip@happyhaves.com (send a video of the diffuser, your order number and the problem) and we will see if we can repair your unit as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience, and we will do anything to make you happy again.
    • Can't wait to use a diffuser? Check out our other diffusers for a great deal on a new diffuser. All prices are in US dollars and we ship all over the world.


    Q: What if my unit does not turn on?

    USB may not be properly plugged in the diffuser; ensure that the power adapter is properly plugged into the DC power jack and connected to a reliable charger.

    Q: What if my unit does not mist or there is almost no mist?

    There may not be enough water in the water tank; ensure that the water tank is filled to the maximum water level line.

    The water level may be too high (higher than the maximum water level line); pour out excess water and try again.

    Q: What type of water should go into my ultrasonic diffuser?

    To prevent damage to the unit, it’s recommended to use room temperature tap water. To prevent clogging and damage, always use clean water.

    Q: What type of oils can i put in my ultrasonic diffuser?

    Use only 100% natural essential oils. We recommend our own natural 100% pure essential oils (also available on our website). Other blends and oils may contain fragrances, base oils or synthetics that could result in malfunction.

    Many single note essential oils should not be used in the ultrasonic diffuser. Single note essential oils may have a thick or heavy consistency that can clog the ultrasonic diffuser and cause it to stop working.

    Happyhaves essential oils have been carefully produced to be effective for you, and safe and easy to use in your ultrasonic diffuser.

    Q: What is the best way to clean my diffuser?

    We made a new blog post where we advise how you can clean your diffuser so you can enjoy it as long as possible. Learn more over here.