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    Happiness Overflow

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    This book Happiness Overflow covers the happiness genes, the cause of unhappiness, living life with full happiness (even in difficult times) and the 5 things which will bring you direct results to overflow yourself with happiness.

    Why we wrote it

    Happiness is a highly wanted state for most people but it remains to be a lifelong quest for everyone. No one can just claim happiness for one moment, sit back, and watch it linger and stay. It does not discriminate too.

    Happiness is often associated with big smiles and boisterous laughter. There is more to happiness than those two. You will discover as you go along the book that happiness is not only defined by happy moments in one’s life. If this were the case, then no one would ever have the right to claim happiness.

    In this book we also share the 15 must knows for being happy and how to keep your state of mind this way at all times.